[amy] Pre-Weekend Roundup

Last night Angela came over to my place for a Knit Night. Since last week, she seems to have perfected the knit stitch and is worked on a garter-stitch scarf. She doesn't feel too comfortable with purling, so maybe we'll tackle that next week. I'm currently working on a gift for someone who will so be leaving the Upper Valley for greener pastures.

I ordered a few movies from Amazon, which arrived in the mail yesterday. I immediately brought Battlestar Galactica up to my sister's, telling her she needed to watch it asap. I opened and played Team America while I tidied my place before Angela came over. I love that movie. It's so hard to pin what my favorite part is... The puking? The dicks/pussies/assholes speech? Durk durka jihad?

I also got Ghost World, which the uvBookClub is going to watch next week. After a democratic vote (in which one person's votes were not counted because she sent them the wrong email address, and whose votes would have totally changed the results but...what are you gonna do?), the August book selection is Daniel Clowes' Ghost World. The plan is for the book club to read a book and then watch the movie adaptation. I've read the book and read through the movie's production notes. It doesn't sounds like the movie is exactly like the book. The characters are there and the themes are there, but it looks like some new material. I'm not to apprehensive about the film, though, because clowes wrote the screenplay and worked closely with Zwigoff during the making of, so I can presume that the movie is Clowes-approved.

I also got another knitting book. Another knitting book. Christmas Stockings. I'd like to make one for Barbara, Jason- They have the ugliest, most ghetto-looking stockings ever. Also, it might be good to learn fair isle knitting on a smallish project like this.


Secret Stalker said...

Did you watch Ghostworld yet? My friends have been known to refer to that movie as my religion. I kind of love it.

Also, I have one more package planned although I don't think it will make the August 31, 2005 deadline. But it's coming, I swear.

Also, again, I went on a hike last weekend and dedicated it to you.

amy said...

Another knitting gift? Holy shit, you're spoiling me!

Where did you go on a hike?

Secret Stalker said...

We went to Mt. Tamalpais. I just realized that they have free wi-fi there, if I had a laptop and had brought it could have live-blogged. What a missed opportunity.

I am still working on how to ship you a liger.

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