[knitting] Secret Sleuth

Oh ho ho, Secret Pal. I'm afraid you've given yourself away. Yes. Too many clues. And I've managed to figure out your identity with mere hours to spare.

What was it that gave you away? Oh, the little comments. Hiking. A recent trip to that place where the French-Canadians habitons, as they say. Your address helped, too.

Like any good detective, I sorted through all the clues. The fact that you like to knit and have a blog is given. Your presents were sent to me from California. You left a comment saying that you had recently hiked up Mt. Tamalpais. You also said you'd been to Quebec. Well, ha ha, that's all I needed.

I googled a guess and saw a post from someone named "orangina" on the Knitter's Review Forum. I could find no personal information about "orangina" after I applied for forum membership, so that was a dead end.

... Or was it? Another google search returned a promising blog. This blogger is part of Secret Pal 5, was knitting Orangina and quite recently went on a hike (and the Matt Davis Trail just happens to be in Mt. Tamalpais State Park). I couldn't find anything in the archives about a recent trip to Canada, but like it matters- I know it's you, Big Sister!!!!

Am I right, or am I right? I'm right, right?


Nicole said...

Bingo! What a good sleuther you are. The funny thing is even though I was knitting Orangina and that lead you to my blog that poster on Knitter's Review isn't me. Good job.

I am still send you that Liger. I have stuff it in a box this weekend. I have loved reading your blog and sending you stuff. (Hey, do you know why I can't subscribe to a feed from your blog? Is that a blogger thing?)

Oh, and my Montreal travel log, as it is, is in this post.

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