[uvBookClub] NOT!

uvBookClub is about books. NOT! We read and talk about books. NOT! uvBookClub is a SHAM. Poor, poor Valerie. This was her first time in the faux club des livres and I don't think she knew what to expect- Probably not a bunch of people who are more focused on drinking and fixing a nice meal than talking about the literary relevance of the graphic novel and what Ghost World really means.

Amy: Read the book.
Valerie: Read the book.
Ken: Read a little at my place.
Angela: Read a little at my place.
Charlotte: Didn't read it, didn't really stay for the movie either.
Ram: Isn't even in the book club; just wanted a free meal and movie.

Tyler: Told me he read the book, yet didn't show up last night. WTF?
E!: Said she might come... didn't.
Clare: Didn't come; was house/cat-sitting last night.

I was about to have an aneurysm thinking about all the food preparation that needed to be done before people arrived (gotta make the pesto, chop all veggies, make the pizza dough, make the salad dressing), but everyone helped and the evening sailed along smoothly. I think the nicest part of having lots of people around are the eclectic conversations…

* * *

AMY: Do you want a beer, Ken?

KEN: I don't know. I guess I'm waiting for a mojito.

AMY: What?

KEN: Today you posted that drink recipe.

AMY: Yeah. That doesn't mean I actually have the makings for a mojito at my place.

KEN: Really?

AMY: Yeah, I'm starting it as a new weekly thing, like the Friday Five. Thirsty Thursday- It'll be a different drink recipe every week.

KEN: ... Oh.

AMY: So I'm sorry you somehow got the impression that I would have mojito stuff here, based on a post I put up, but I don't. Do You Want A Beer?

KEN: Yes.

* * *

AMY: Ram is peeing for a really long time upstairs.

KEN: Well he had a long drive back from Northampton.

AMY: You don't understand, he was peeing when I went up there to get a chair from my bedroom, while I was moving stuff off the chair and while I was bring it back down. I bet he's still peeing right now.


RAM: So Amy, I hear you think I take too long to pee.

AMY: What? No, I never said that.

RAM: I wish I could pee faster for you. Would that make you feel better?

AMY: Dude, you take as long as you need to pee, it's no big deal. You can't help it if it takes you an abnormal amount of time to drain your bladder.

* * *

ANGELA: You remind me of the babe.

AMY: The babe?

ANGELA: The babe with the power.

AMY: The power?

ANGELA: The power of voodoo.

AMY: ... Voodoo?

ANGELA: You do.

AMY: I do?

ANGELA: Remind me of the babe.

AMY: ... The babe?

ANGELA: The babe with the power.

AMY: The power?

[And on into infinity...]

* * *

[Dinner is on the table, everyone sits]

AMY: Oh no.


AMY: I forgot the red onion. I wanted to put some red onion on the salad and on the pizza. ... Shit! Fuck! That red onion would have totally- Fuck! Supper’s RUINED now!

KEN: That's okay, now everyone can make out after we're done eating.

AMY: ...

VALERIE: Red onions give you gas anyway.

AMY: ...

RAM: See, Amy? It's better that you left them out.

AMY: ...


AMY: Don't you like green peppers, Ram?

RAM: No, Amy, that's why I didn't eat them.

AMY: Jesus, why are you such a picky eater? What have you got against green peppers?

RAM: I don't like the skin.

AMY: Oh really. And if I were to peel the green pepper for you, would you eat it then?

RAM: Yes.

AMY: ... Hmn. Well, I'm not going to peel my green peppers just because you're so freaking finicky.

* * *

I lent Valerie a couple more graphics novels after the movie ended, when everyone was preparing to leave. Angela said she was going to make next month's book selection and let the rest of us know what our next reading assignment is. I'm already thinking about what to serve for supper...

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