[knitting] New present and projects...

I got another gift from my secret pal...

As soon as I opened it, I said, "Oh, no fucking way!" It's sewing goods to make a pretty apron. I went to my craft store a while ago in search of apron patterns but all they had were the unisex, boring chef's aprons. I bought the pattern (it was on sale for $1.99) but didn't feel motivated to make it. So it's just sitting somewhere in the mess I call a home.

But these patterns are exactly what I was looking for! Feminine full-body and half aprons! So pretty! Along with the ribbon, thread and fabric, I'm ready to start something this weekend. Thanks a million, secret pal! I love it! (And I've been using the bookmark you knit while I read/walk to/from work/home.)

As per ipso facto visa vi what I'm currently knitting, that would be Kiri:

Sorry the picture is so blurry, I took it this morning in a sleepy stupor. The actual color is more teal than blue. Here's a non-blurry (but not really any clearer) one:

I'm using the wool I got from the NH Sheep & Wool Festival- Alpaca Lite from A Touch of Twist (the store is in NY, around Albany I think). It's really soft and fuzzy. I'm using US 4 needles have gotten through one ball (about 200 yards) and a bit of another one. I hope to finish the shawl by the end of summer but my progress is slowing considerably as the thing grows.

I started a more portable (and easier) project to take on the bus with me- A pillow insert from Weekend Knitting.

I'm using leftover Rowan Cotton from a man's thong I made and I'm reminded why I hate knitting with cotton- No elasticity! I can actually feel my blood pressure rise when trying to knit two together- "Argh... come on... you... stupid... get.. through... ARGH!"

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Secret Stalker said...

I am glad that you like your gift. I am even gladder that I chose the frou-frou apron pattern over the plain apron pattern. I can't wait to see it sewn up.