[amy] Hike 'til it Hurts

I did end up hiking Mt. Lafayette this past Saturday. I did a 9 mile loop, going up the Falling Waters trail to Little Haystack Mountain, along the Ridge Trail to Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette, then down the (never-ending) Old Bridle Path.

The weather Saturday morning wasn't all that great and I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but it stopped raining a little and I said, "Screw it, I'm going. It's only a little north of Bradford, and east into New Hampshire." Yeah, well it turned out to be a 1 hour and 45 minute drive on I-91 to Route 302 to Route 114 to Route 3 to I-93. It took forever.

Falling Waters was steep to climb, but I took a few nice pictures. The top was foggy and eerie and there were no views to speak of. Basically, if I stepped off the path, I'd fall into a white oblivion. Coming down the Old Bridal Path, the only thought running through my head was: "Get me out of here." I came across the Greenleaf Hut on the way down and stopped in for some water. It was disconcerting to come across this building in the middle of the trail, where people are sitting around, eating and drinking. I saw a room of bunk beds and you could even buy a nice meal there.

After a total of 5 hours, I made it down to my car (soaking wet), wondering if my legs were going to seize up on the drive home. I decided I didn't care and took off. The only negative thing I have to say about the hike is that French Canadians are the rudest hikers I've ever come across. Whether it's you who wants to pass around them (because you're going faster) or you're approaching one another, THEY WON'T GIVE YOU ANY ROOM ON THE PATH. At one point, I had my arms and legs wrapped around a tree and was hanging on like a monkey just to give these pushy/shovey people the space they needed to go by without being injured. But guess what? I was injured. As I was letting go of the tree, trying to find footing, I slipped on a wet rock and jabbed my left shoulder on the tree where a branch had broken off. I had to check my shoulder repeatedly to make sure it wasn't bleeding. AND- get this- coming back down, some people were going slow and I wanted to pass. So I did and then it seemed that I wasn't going fast enough and the lady behind me, she starts riding my ass and jabbing her walking stick a mere three inches from my heels as I'm trying to think of the best way to climb down a steep area of rocks. I almost turned around and said, "Hey lady! Back it up! Don't walk so fucking close to me- You're making me nervous." I hate that.

Sunday I had planned on hiking Mt. Cube with Ram, Annarita and Valentino. The longer trail was 6.8 miles roundtrip and I thought that this would be easier because the summit doesn't even reach 3,000 ft and I assumed the walk would be gradual and leisurely. It was at first, but the trail was so muddy, it took nearly all the fun out of walking up. The view at the top was totally worth it, though- It was a clear, beautiful day. We chilled at the top, trying to scrap together enough food and water to give us the required amount of energy for the walk back down (we totally should have brought lunch). During the walk down, I was only thinking, "I want an alcoholic beverage. And spaghetti bolognaise. And a baguette. And a salad. And wine..." We did the whole thing in 4 hours, which isn't bad. It was a little slow-going because of the mud.

So I hiked roughly 16 miles over 9 hours this weekend. It totally sucked up all of Saturday and Sunday though- Get up, get to the hike, hike, get home, shower, eat, chill, go to bed. Which means nothing got done around my place.

Oh, and yesterday after work I went up Gile Mt. to work some of the lactic acid out of my legs. So that's, like, another mile or something. I'm thinking I might try Mount Moosilauke this Saturday before the Slip-n-Slide and Gangsta Party.


Secret Stalker said...

Does Slip-n-Slide Party mean photos of the thong? God, I hope so.

amy said...

I hope so too. All I got was a "maybe we will do a thong slip". Weak, I know.

Meanwhile, the whole "let me get you fitted for the waistband" thing is opening up all kinds of doors for me. If guys were smart, they'd learn how to knit and make bras for their female friends. They could say "let me get you fitted for the straps/cups" and the girl would have to be like "Oh... okay."