[UpperValley] Slip-N-Hurt

Hoo boy, I'm am in some serious muther-f'in pain. Check out all the happy photos from the Curt's Slip-n-Slide on Saturday (followed by photos from the Gangsta/Hip-Hop party).

Ooo, doesn't it look like FUN? Actually, at the time is was fun (I went down 4 or 5 times) but the next day? My neck was stiff, I bruised a couple ribs and I've got massive, dark purple bruises on the front of my hips where I ran, took a flying leap (a la Superman) and belly-flopped onto the slide. No joke, I woke up Sunday morning wondering how long it might take for someone to die from internal bleeding. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to go to the hospital (I mean, how lame would it be to die from a huge slip-n-slide?), but I'm telling you, all my intestines hurt. Maybe something ruptured on the inside? But, I ate supper Saturday night and went hiking Sunday morning so... I'll probably be okay. ... Probably. Hopefully. I'm sure I'm fine...

Ken also posted a few videos (note: you're def going to want to turn down your speakers for "scream"): awesome, scream, dance.

How was the actual sliding? Fun. You get sprayed with a hose at the top, cover yourself with liquid soap and take off. The ride down is fast and fun. You can tell that the kid on some of the guys came out- a couple dudes must have gone down at least 50 times. The only downside was that as you slide down with your arms extended in front of you, your fingers would end up slicing through the soapy water which would then shoot directly into your eyes. So by the time you splashed to a stop at the bottom, you'd be screaming, "My eyes! My eyes are burning! Oh the soap! AGGHH!!"

And during my final slide, I accidentally left the wet track and skidded to a halt on the bare, dry, 3000 degree black plastic. My skin immediately started to melt and stick to it while I screamed in agony. I was finished after that.

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