[vermont] So which mushrooms are the psychadelic ones?

I'm going to be attending a Sustainable Living course this August, entitled Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants:

"Let’s explore the forest! Learn to identify and use 20 plants commonly found in the northeast. We will prepare plants for eating, teas and tinctures. We'll also cover respectful harvesting, the nutritional value of wild plants and bioregional eating."

Which should be cool because in case I'm ever lost in the woods, I know how to build a shelter but I'd probably end up starving to death. And the only natural remedy I know of is grinding up the flowers of the impatiens plant to stop itching and/or the spread of poison ivy. You know the orange touch-me-not plants I'm talking about- they're by the side of roads and have the seed pods that explode when you touch them.

So I'm filling out the registration form for the course and I read:

"We will ask you to sign up for a homesteading task each day here, from cutting firewood, to watering the garden, to helping with meals. We truly look forward to our time together on the land."

This sounds pretty sweet- It'll be just like staying on my grandparent's farm again. I'm really looking forward to Aug 6-7.

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