[henry] Caught in the Zipper

I might go see Henry Rollins at the Zipper Theater in NYC. Ken brought it up over the weekend. I want to believe and he says he's going to make it happen (he is, in fact, in the business of making dreams come true) but I don't want to get my hopes up.

In completely unrelated news, I'm trying to finish knitting my stole so that I can start a new sweater that I want to have done in time for the Henry Rollins show. I mean, the shows are probably all sold out but just in case, I want to make my own sweater to wear.

This weekend I bought a new dress and shoes. Not that I'm going to have someplace special to wear them... But I never know, right? I might need to go to NYC for something. Like a Henry Rollins show.

So for real, in non-Henry news, I went out Friday night... Here's me, Ram and Angela. Looks like a car full of nerds to me- we all have glasses. At this point, it was waaaaay past my bedtime and I was almost asleep. Oh and Ram's wearing a hat I knit for him.

Over the weekend I did some laundry, played some Mario Party, went to the gym, did some shopping, um... It feels like I did more... Watched a little more of The Wire... I was still dog-sitting, but that's over today. Seriously, I don't care what my co-worker says, I'm not dog-sitting anymore. That gig was whack.

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Anonymous said...

I once saw a show at the Zipper Theater. It was a Sarah Silverman comedy show. That theater is funky in a good way. I think it's actually called the Zipper theater 'cause that block was once like the zipper factory area of town.