[amy] The Neverending Dog-Sitting Story

HEY! Guess what I'm doing? Dog-sitting! AGAIN! Woooo, yea! I'm totally psyched! I hate my life! Wait- I mean, I love my life. I wonder why I wrote "hate"?

Anyway, I'm coming down off my uppers and the shit-pile that is my life is rapidly coming back into focus. The good news is that I'll be back at my place by Monday night.

What happened this week...? I got my hair cut- straight, chin length. I always go into the salons and say, "Gimme some layers" or "Oh I don't know... How about some layers" or "Can you just layer it?" But this time I said, "Some layers I think" and while the stylist was washing my hair, I said, "NO! Straight! Just cut it straight! Even. So, like, when I tilt my head like this... There will be a straight line along the end of my hair, you know?" So it's straight and short and I hardly need any shampoo now.

I'm plugging away at a shawl I'm knitting. I might be able to finish it this weekend, but it depends on how much fun I'm having doing other things.

My mother got me a really nice set of soup/salad bowls that look like this (which match my place perfectly- sage in the living room and terracotta in the dining room). If anyone wants to come over for soup, I'd be more than happy to entertain. I don't think minestrone soup, though. It might be hard to tell where the soup ends and the bowl begins.

I'm watching Season 2 of The Wire. I wish they had a Season 1 re-cap on the disk, because I can't remember how it ended. Some of the drug dealers are in jail, the "wire" squad has disbanded and McNulty is cruising around Baltimore harbor on a boat. In related news, my tv character obsession has shifted from Clark Kent (but only until Season 4 of Smallville comes out) to Russell 'Stringer' Bell. "Darkly charismatic and devoted almost exclusively to work, Bell studies economics at the University of Baltimore and applies what he learns to being a more effective drug lord." I mean, how can you not be impressed by that? [sigh] I'm in love.

Other than that, I'm trying to help out with the uvScene and the brand spanking new uvPartylist. uvGoodTimes.

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