[amy] DVD and Sweater Progress

It seems as though there aren't enough hours in the day. I can't get everything done. Last night I started watching Deadwood while continuing to knit up my 2nd sleeve. I've spent more than 40 hours on this sweater and I've just got shit to show for it. I'll try to finish the sleeve tonight and pick up the stitches for the ribbed cuff on the 1st sleeve, which has already been blocked.

I'm trying to finish the stupid sweater because the Henry Rollins show is next weekend. Ken got the tickets in the mail and I went over to his place to grab them. They're letting me be in charge of remembering to bring them which, I think, is too much responsibility. If I forgot them or if "something" happened to them, I'd just... I'd just die.

Anyway, my tv-land crush has moved from The Wire's Stringer Bell to Seth Bullock, played by Timothy Olyphant. I re-watched the first episode with the creator commentary on and it turns out that a lot of the characters in the show were real people. Wild Bill Hickok, of course, and Calamity Jane. But Seth was real, too. And interestingly enough (for me), Doc Cochran is played by Brad Dourif, whom you might remember as Wormtongue in The Two Towers. And, get this, he's the voice of Chucky in all the Chucky movies. How weird...


On the Henry Sweater front, I just finished the 2nd sleeve and picked up stitches to knit a seed stitch ribbing- which looks quite nice. I want to make the ribbing at the cuff longer, but I'm afraid the sleeves might hand down to my knees. We'll see...

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