[amy] What's going on?

My computer at work had to undergo another reformatting. And by computer I mean shit-box-machine and by reformatting I mean the-erasing-of-all-programs/things-I'm-used-to-and-need-to-function -on-the-most-basic-level. The last time this happened was, I don't know, 4 or 5 months ago. I love it. I can't get enough of it. I loooooooove having to go and reinstall firefox, text editors, set up my xterm accounts, map all my drives, make Outlook appear a way so that I can read and send email without punching my fist through my monitor...

No, I'm cool. It's okay. I've been feeling a little down since I attached one sleeve to my Henry Sweater and tried it on. It looks sooooo bad. The shoulders are all wrong and I haven't the heart to attach the other sleeve. I realized that I'd been spending so much time working on the stupid sweater that once I knew I didn't want to finish it, I had nothing left to live for. I should ammend that, I have nothing left to live for now that the sweater's just a pink pile of crap. I'd kill myself but I read in The Inferno that one of the more terrible rings of Hell is reserved for people who off themselves. So... I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Instead of ending it all (Am I talking about this too much? I like it, it sounds so dramatic- "I can't take it anymore! Don't try to stop me!"), I'm watching more Deadwood. Like, watching it for real; none of this knit-and-watch stuff. It's so good. Way better than Carnivale. It's brutally violent, extremely well written, exciting and funny. I like it everything about this series. The cast is so great. And you know what? My crush is starting to move from Seth Bullock to Doc Cochran. Can you believe it? I can't stop watching him when he's on screen! I guess I'm more in awe of the actor, Brad Dourif, and his range. Seth has got a pretty bad temper, which is exciting and all, but I could get my laudanum from the Doc. I think the choice between the two is pretty obvious.

In other news, all the steam I was running on that helped me get so much shit done around my house has left me. Now, I lay on the couch, letting dishes pile up in the kitchen, surrounded by dirty clothes, wondering if I feel like taking a shower or not. It's actually not a bad way to live.

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