[knitting] Barbara's Poncho

I can finally show the poncho now. It only took about a week to make and measures about 18 inches long (not including the edging). That seems short but I only wanted the sides to come down to Barbara's elbows and the front to reach her belt-buckle. It's the basic Poncho pattern from Stitch and Bitch, but without those fluffy novelty yarn sections. I used about 9 balls of Peruvian Collection Highland Wool from Elann. The color's no longer available but it was called "Antique Purple" or something.


The photo on the left is the poncho unblocked. It was roughly the right size for a ten-year-old girl. I had gotten several suggestions on how to block but the pinning method would have made the crocheted edge stretch all out of shape and have an ugly Spiderman web design. Nevermind the fact that this didn't take care the of shoulder area, which was really too tight. In the end, I pulled a McGuyver- wet the poncho, rip out one side of a big cardboard box, wrap that inside a towel, shove both inside the wet poncho to give it shape. This worked out fine- I only had to flip it a couple times and move it around the bed so that it dried evenly.

I actually knit with two strands at one time so that I could get away with using 10 1/2 needles instead of 7 (to make the knitting go by faster) and you can't even tell. And I did a single crochet around and around the hem and added a picot edge.

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