[comics] Lucifer

I updated my "Recently Read" list, on the left there, to include all the Lucifer trade paperbacks I've been consuming like a bad cocaine habit. But it's not like bad cocaine at all; it's like good cocaine. Mind-blowing, highly addictive cocaine. The Lucifer in this series is the same one from the Sandman series- Morpheus chopped off his wings and he left hell to open and spend his retirement in an L.A. piano bar. Mike Carey picked up where Neil Gaiman left off and the series was really, really, really good. Or is really good, I should say, since it's still ongoing.

Anyway, half of the first trade is a three-part one off storyline (introduced as "Sandman Presents") and I guess it was so good that DC decided to make a series out of it. And five trades later, it's STILL the same storyline unfolding, twisting back on itself- which makes for a really satisfying read. All the characters are great. The only problem I have is with the artwork. It occasionally changes not only from issue to issue but actually within any given issue. And 40% of the time it's Dean Ormston and I can't stand that guy's artwork. It all looks the same (read: bad) to me. Too stylized. Too distracting. Too... Let's just put it this way: His artwork is one of the reasons I'm thinking about dropping Books of Magick: Life During Wartime.

And 1602 is listed there as well. It was one of my Christmas presents and it was super. The Marvel Universe (with 30 main characters!) set in Elizabethan England. Peter Parker! DareDevil! Nick Fury! Dr. Strange! The X-Men! And more! Totally worthy addition to any comic library.

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