[knitting] The Beret (plus others)

Finally, some pictures of the beret. Here it is before felting and after:


Sorry the after is so blurry. You can see, using the pen for scale, that the hat didn't lose too much width. Where it did shrink a lot was it's length. See the hat's before and after profile:


I wanted to make a hat to go with the following envelope clutch I felted a while ago:


The clutch is the same teal Manos del Uruguay yarn but with Berroco Jewel FX in Alexandrites (which makes the bag sparkle) mixed in. Yeah, I don't use this bag either. I just realized the only knitted things I used regularly are my scarves. And my poncho (when it was fall). Speaking of my poncho, here's a picture:

It's a nice shade of blue and quite cozy. Knit with Rowan Big Wool in Rascal, it cost me way too much money to make. Since then, someone turned me onto Elann and I've been getting all my yarn from there. Mostly.

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Anonymous said...

Hah! A beret. And I'll go to Titan with you. Isn't that shiznit so f'ing cool? Let's hear it for the science types!
P.S. Don't forget - "freedom" and "liberty" - just don't check out any library books on the subjects.
Peace, Sully