Princess Leia diagnosed with bipolar II, John Nash a paranoid schizophrenic, Amy just plain crazy

Ms. Fisher has a new book coming out. It's a fiction, though. She couldn't do a memoir because "the truth is a very stern taskmistress." She goes on to talk about her hallucinations: "I became psychotic. I didn't sleep for six days. I felt I was getting secret messages from CNN."

Which reminds me, I learned last night that B hasn't ever seen A Beautiful Mind. Shocked, I said in my drugged-out manner, "Dude, you like totally have to see it. Have you heard anything about it? Heard any... uh... like things that would give anything away?" She said no, we went out, rented it from a local video store (skirting around my Netflix obligations) and watched. Or rather, I watched her, waiting for the moment of enlightenment... Which never came. She took the movie in way too calmly. I even had to pause the movie to make sure she understood: "You understand that his roommate, the little girl and Ed Harris aren't real, right? They're like only in his head." Yeah, she got it and thought the movie was 'good' but wasn't nearly as impressed and I was the first time I saw it.

And after the movie, I wondered: What would happen if you were a figment of your own imagination?

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