Problem #2 I have with new Superman movie: They want Beyonce for the part of Lois Lane.

Remember what a freaking riot Super Troopers was? You pissed you pants laughing, I know you did. Well you better start stocking up on Depends, my friend.

In other movie news, more particularly comics --> movies news, I hear they're making a Wonder Woman movie and a certain vampire slayer is in heavy talks for the lead role.

Also, I can't wait to see Hellboy. I'm going to have to read the comics before it comes out, though. While I was chatting with Tom (my trusty comicbook seller), I asked him why "the red guy from Hellboy has those circles on his head." I was almost asked to leave the store due to my disgusting display of ignorance. I was briefly told that Hellboy's horns need to be cut off or else the Right Hand of Doom etc, etc, etc. I think I know someone who's got the whole series of comics but I might just go out and get the trades.

Has anyone ever heard of a movie called Superman? I thought so. So why the poop are they making a new one? And the powers that be want McG at the helm? Reminder: He was the conductor of that train wreck called Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Just leave it alone, man. The movie has been made- 4 times in fact. No one can be Clark Kent better than Christopher Reeve. And Dean Cain. And that really fit guy from Smallville...

(Okay, you caught me. I found out all this cool stuff here.)

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