It was a pleasurable weekend, no matter how boring it sounds.

Finally got around to playing Puerto Rico with Barbara and Jason. The game went so well (i.e. smoothly) that we played two more times back-to-back. Three times in a row?! That hasn’t happened since Carcassonne.

Puerto Rico is an extremely well thought-out game along the same lines as Settlers, in that there are goods to produce and things that you can do with those goods (in the case of this game: trade for money or send back to the Old World). Each player gets to be Governor in turn and each player selects a role to take (Craftsman, Mayor, Builder, etc) and all the other players may participate in that role as well. All the nuances of the game would appear confusing and/or boring if I listed them out here, but suffice it to say that this game was fucking great.

Now I’ve got to find some willing players for a game of Fluxx.

* * *

And on the book front, I read voraciously this past weekend. You can see to the left that I finally finished off Child of My Heart (I’ve seen drums less hollow than this book), read the first trade of Rex Mundi (one of the most erudite comics I’ve read), BOP! More Box Office Poison (I realized why these stories were left out of the original graphic novel in the first place), the third book in a particularly trashy trilogy (which is too embarrassing to list on the left) and am finishing up Grass for His Pillow, which I started some months ago and cast aside for no explicable reason. I have to write some of these reviews so that I can raise my Amazon Reviewer rating. My goal is to crack the top 1000 by the end of the year.

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