Donna Martin Graduates!

Remember a while ago on Gawker there was mention of the upcoming Victoria Spelling wedding registery? I told a co-worker about it who immediately told me to go to the, because if you're registered at William Sonoma, it'll show up there. Etc, etc, etc: Check this out. Fucking hilarious.

Nat ....... - Beverly Hills, CA 2|12|2004

Tori, Even though I hated cleaning up your bulemic puke stains from the bathroom floor of the Peach Pit I will never forget the times you let me rub Crisco all over your over-surgeried body at the Peach Pit AD. Maybe now that you are getting married you will stop going to the Crazy Horse with your brother and peeing in public while you are gallavanting around LA.

By the way, I don't know about everybody else, but I'm not breaking down and getting her something. If anyone needs new kitchen tools/gadgets, it's me.

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