[knitting] Knit and Crochet Bags

The bags are finished!

Knit 👛 ✅ #knitting #Ravelry

Pattern for the knit bag: Cabled Bag (note: my bag is a little deeper and I didn't do the X's and O's cables)

Yarn for the knit bag: Plymouth Galway worsted. This yarn kind of picks of lint and fur like a mofo.

Crochet tote ✅ Zipper, fabric lining and straps makes this bag so nice! #crochet #Ravelry

Pattern for the crochet bag: Mermaid Tears Purse.

Yarn for the crochet bag: Cascade Casablanca, discontinued but any worsted yarn with long stripes would work nicely.

The cabled bag is knit as one long piece. I folded it in half and seamed the sides. 

The crochet bag is worked in the round. I finished with a couple single crochet rounds at the top and then seamed the bottom shut.

The end result is that both bags are flat, enveloped shaped bags (which made sewing fabric linings so much easier).

Here's the black zipper being pinned to the knit bag:

Sewing a zipper into a knit bag

It took three tries to get the zipper pinned just right. The knit fabric is thick so that when it was pinned to the zipper all the way around, the zipper was very wavy. So I re-pinned, kind of stretching out the knit fabric before pinning. Holding the project with the knit side facing me, I sewed the zipper to the cabled bag using the knit stitches of the bind off round to guide me. I would pull the thread between two knit stitches, go over one, through the zipper to the back and then up between the next two stitches. Over under over under over under every other stitch. This hid the sewing thread really nicely on the right side as well.

I did the same for the crochet bag- opened up the zipper, pinned into place (three times- had to do it over again and again until I got it right), then sewed the zipper to the inside (over and under every other single crochet).

Zippers sewn into knit and crochet bags. Next up: sewing in fabric linings (background).

Then I spent 10 - 15 minutes zipping the bags open and closed, marveling that the bags zip open and zip closed and I made that happen. Then I showed Dollar that the bags zip open and shut. Then I showed the cats. 

The fabric lining was easy to do since these were flat, rectangular bags. I cut the fabric 1/4 inch wider than the measured width and 1/2 inch taller than the measured height. With the right sides facing one another, I sewed three sides and then folded over and ironed the top open. 

Fabric linings

Then pin the fabric to the inside, on top of the zipper.

Pinning in the fabric lining to the crocheted purse. 👜

Sew the lining through the zipper fabric and over/under all the knit and crochet stitches that were missed when you did the zipper. The stitches can be seen on the inside of bag but if you use a heavy thread that matches the yarn color, you really can't see any of these stitches on the right side of the bag.

Zipper and lining:

Two fabric linings sewn in. Just have the bag straps to see on.

Then all that was left was attaching handles. I had a couple cheap-o sets hanging around and just whipstitched over the bottom half of the rings, through the knit/crochet and interior fabric. It looks a little messy on the inside but I just wanted to get the handles on and start using these bags.

This was a great learning experience and confidence booster. I was worried that hand sewing would be awful but it really only took 30 min to go around to do the zipper in each bag and another 30 min to do the lining. Easy to do during a movie at home. I'm ready to queue and make more bags with proper zippers and linings.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Both bags are really beautiful! Nice work!