[travel] The Hague

We took a day trip down to The Hague. The train ride was about 45 minutes and it was a nice, pastoral ride. I noticed that there are lots of farms and livestock... and no fences. All the pastures are separated by small canals.

Train to The Hague.

We did a lot of walking around the city and eventually ended up at the Peace Palace, which houses the U.N. International Court of Justice.

Peace Palace.

Which we wanted to see but they guard was like, "Ha ha, no" when we asked if we could go in. We showed up on the wrong day- Monday. So we left and walked down to the MC Escher museum. Also closed on Mondays. Dammit. Clearly I didn't plan this day trip well enough. We did have a very nice lunch at an old pub (used to be horse stables) where Dollar had some traditional Dutch veal croquettes (which I'm going to try making at home). We ended up at the Mauritshuis museum and saw a ton of wonderful, old Dutch paintings. Including this beauty:

Vermeer. #mauritshuis

Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice. I wonder sometimes what makes one painting so much "better" than other. It's all quite subjective but this painting was so beautiful. I had only one word: luminous. They had so many great paintings at this museum, I'm post going to post a bunch:

Rembrandt, self portrait, 1629:

Rembrandt, self portrait, 1629.


Just a Vermeer, on loan to the museum from the Queen of England's private collection:

Vermeer, from a collection of Dutch masters on loan from the Queen of England.


And I absolutely loved that one of the great rooms had arms sticking out of the walls as candle holders:
The candle holders in this museum are arms.
Really classed up the joint. Still, I enjoyed the Maurithuis more than the Rejksmuseum. We jumped back on the train and headed back to Amsterdam. And I lost my hat on the train. Here's the only picture I have of it, when it was still in progress:
Yes Checks hat, in progress. #knitting
Pattern is Yes Checks by an Amsterdam-based designer (Stephen West). I finished the hat before the trip and it was soft and slouchy and perfect. I wore it every day. Then I left it on the train. I hope hope hope that someone found it and likes it and is wearing it.

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