[travel] Amsterdam

Earlier this summer, I got a message from the airline where I've been collecting frequent flyer miles for 16 years that they were going to delete all my miles in 2017. It was a very WTF moment, because I had close to 100,000 miles. We had talked about going to Amsterdam for years, so I started searching for free tickets. Off-peak season starts in November, so I got two tickets for November 2 for a total of $150 in fees. I was pretty happy. We arranged for a house/cat sitter and off we went.

I was a little worried about the looooong flights (9 hours on the way over, 7 hours on the way back) but they actually weren't too bad. We were able to get a little sleep on the red eye over and woke up to:


Took a train from the airport to the main station and walked to the hotel, which was right at dam square. We walked around a bit.

Canals and such.

The first day we went to a barber shop/bar and Dollar got a nice haircut and straight razor shave. I did some yarn shopping. I think we went back to the hotel to pass out for a bit. Then went out to find some dinner:

Nighttime sightseeing

We found a Korean BBQ place where you can cook your food right at the table (which I love):

Korean BBQ! Amsterdam style.

Pork bulgogi and squid.

It was really good. The format was interesting- it's fixed price and you get five rounds of food, with each person ordering up to three things. We only made it through three rounds. It was funny, we walked in without a reservation and were told we could have a table but we couldn't stay for more than two hours (because of a reservation at a specific time). Ha ha ha, oh Europe. We just said, "Yeah, that's... that won't be a problem." 

There was no language barrier; literally every person we encountered spoke English. We got the hang of restaurants and cafes after a couple days- just seat yourself when you enter and go up to the register when you're ready to pay. More pictures to come- we visited lots of museums and took a couple small day trips outside of the city.

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