[travel] Amsterdam Museums

We visited many museums while we were in Amsterdam. The large fine arts Rijksmuseum was fantastic:

Rijks Museum. #rijksmuseum

There were so many works by famous Dutch painters. Vermeer. Jan Steen. van Gogh:

Van Gogh #rijksmuseum


Rembrandt #rijksmuseum

There was a large library inside:

Library in the museum. #rijksmuseum

Stained glass windows:


I loved this black and white sea scene:


I don't go to museums often enough with Dollar- it's really nice to see everything with him. He notices and points out things that I miss.

We went to the modern art museum after and it was underwhelming. Then we tried to take the tram back up to the hotel but it was packed and slow. One thing we noticed about traffic in Amsterdam- the rule seems to be "go". Watch out, but... go. Cross at your own risk... but GO. Pedestrians, bicyclists, mopeds, cars, trams... EVERYONE GO. Sure, there are stop lights and some semblance of traffic laws but we were nearly run over multiple times by multiple modes of transportation. 

More nighttime walking:

Midnight strollin'

The weather was definitely not awesome. It rained a bit every day off and on, and I don't think we saw the sun for more than a few minutes the entire week.

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