[misc] Murderface Monday

Home. Home home home home with the kitties:

Home again. The kitties really missed me.

At the beginning of the month, Dollar and I took a trip to Amsterdam. Prior to that, I was working extra long days and overtime to make up for the lack of leave I had. I started a new job (same as the old job) in mid-Oct and was like, "I'm taking a vacation in early November. Can't change it. Booked it months ago." After a couple weeks of super-long days, I started to feel a little sick and thought, "Oh no, I hope I don't get sick on this trip." I got sick. And I got Dollar sick. But we rallied and it was a great experience. Then I was home (basically sleeping) for three days and then off to Kansas City, Missouri for the week. Now I'm home and the luggage is put away.

Lots of pictures and knitting to come. I'm just happy to be home, cooking meals, hanging with the kitties (they really missed me!) and Dollar. Glad it's a short week this week. Oh yeah, and we got a lot of snow yesterday:

It's been a blizzard all day. Drove down 20 min to my moms and it's barely raining. #mountainliving

Woo! Time to crack open the box of Dutch cocoa that I brought home for real, Dutch hot chocolate!

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