[vermont] Foliage

Despite (or because of?) the drought, we've had great foliage this year, which I think peaked this past weekend. I took a walk around the hills in the back yard for pictures:

Looking west, back down toward the house

The walk was nice with clearly defined deer trails through the fields. I guess 7 or 8 deer making rounds to all the apple trees twice a day would clearly leave tracks.


There are a couple really nice reds in the back yard. I've been admiring this tree from the back deck and wanted to go up for a close-up picture:

#nofilter This tree is on fire 🔥

The weather is definitely cooling off now. The heat is running when I get up in the mornings.

Was able to get some good knitting done over the long weekend. Started a series of baby booties while watching Luke Cage. Should have some good light this afternoon to take pictures. 

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