[vermont] Birthday Dinner

Had a nice four-day weekend, starting Thursday night with a birthday dinner out at Cloudland Farm. The serve one menu each night, with local ingredients.

First course: Turnip and beet soup, toasted baguette, apples, chive oil, lemon crème fraiche

Birthday dinner at Cloudland Farm. Turnip and beet soup. Apples. Chive oil. Lemon crime fraiche. Toasted baguette.

My photos are dark because of the candle light but this soup was SO bright and pink from the beets. This was great- we both shared one bowl with the house sourdough bread.

Main course: Cloudland Farm chicken duo: grilled breast and stuffed thighs, buttercup squash puree, Swiss chard risotto cakes, pickled broccoli Romanesco, blueberry gastrique

Main course: chicken breast and stuffed thigh. Butternut squash purée. Swiss chard risotto cakes. Pickled romanesco. Blueberry gastrique. At Cloudland Farm.

The farm raises and sells angus beef and pork. They used to sell chickens but now only raise them for the restaurant and OMG- this was the best chicken we've ever had. Dollar and I both looked at each other after trying it, like "WTF is up with this chicken? How can chicken be this perfect?" I went on to think that I'll never cook another chicken again because clearly I've had the best and anything I make from now on will just leave me feeling sad and disappointed.

I will say that when I saw the menu online earlier in the day, I was like, "Oh no, Dollar's not going to like this." He's not a picky eater he just... likes what he likes. I was sure he wasn't going to like the beet soup- but he did. I was sure he wasn't going to like the squash puree and picked romanesco, etc. But we both cleaned our plates. I think it's a testament to how well the chef balances so many ingredients and they all taste so good together.

Dessert: Chevre panna cotta, chocolate streusel, beet ice cream, cocoa nib tuile, thyme oil, balsamic

Dessert: chèvre panna cotta. Beet ice cream. Chocolate streusel. Cocoa nib tuile. Thyme and balsamic oil. #cloudlandfarm

The beet ice cream nestled into a little mound of chocolate streusel was my favorite bite of the night. It was like a spoonful of cold chocolate cereal in milk.

I hope we make dinner here an annual (or more!) evening out. It was fantastic and I can't recommend it enough.

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Hannah said...

After reading this post Glenn and I decided to try Cloudland Farm for our anniversary dinner. We were so glad we did! Loved it, and can't believe I hadn't heard of it before and it's been open for 6 years. Thanks for the recommendation!