[knitting] Rose and Thorn socks - done!

Finished the socks Saturday afternoon:

Rose and Thorn socks- complete

Nabbed spot #36 out of a possible 40. Sprinted toward the finish line starting at 8am Saturday. I knit all morning and afternoon and submitted the pair at 4:30 pm.

This included time to deal with a mouse in the house. Three cats and I'm the one that has to take care of the mouse. Santana helped by tiring the thing out but she has no fangs left to do any actual killing. Penny alerted me when the mouse came upstairs and chased it into the bathroom but didn't really know what to do after cornering it. I stuffed all the possible exits with towels and spent 10 minutes chasing it around until I finally caught it in a wad of paper towel. Then I brought it outside and pitched it over the bank. It looked perfectly healthy and happily bound off down the slope. My only regret is that I didn't see an owl swoop down and grab it.

Murderface napped through the entire thing. I doubt he even knew there was a mouse.

Back to the socks- I really like this pair. The fit is perfect for me. It was an interesting cast-on and a difficult hem to join. The rest of the sock was smooth sailing. Next pattern is going to be released today or tomorrow. No rest for the weary and slow knitters.

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