[crochet] Bamboo Pinafore

The next baby item is in crochet:

Bamboo Pinafore

I had a couple partial balls of Sirdar bamboo yarn but they were shades of blue, which presented a problem when trying to decide how to make a garment that would still be "girlie". On a scale of "LOL, whatever" to "Concerned" about this, my sister was at "whatevs- I don't care if people think she's a boy just because she's wearing blue" but I wanted to use this particular yarn up (this baby is going to be my little stash-buster) and still be feminine.

So... lace.

The pattern is free- Angel Wings Pinafore

I consider the top picture to be the front- to be worn like a cardigan- but I think that it's actually meant to be worn the other way around (like a smock). Here's the other side:

Bamboo pinafore - back

Front? Back? Reversible? I don't know. But I would definitely like to make this pattern again in future. Longer as a dress. Would be a great pattern for yarn with long color stripes.

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