[cooking] King Cake

I made my first King Cake this year.

King Cake

I've never had one but I've seen pictures online. The non-judgement side of me thinks they look festive and fun. The judgemental side of me thinks they look like a drunk 2nd grader's craft project. Like you threw a cake, frosting and sprinkles into a box and shook it up. Like you handed ingredients to a blindfolded person and instructed them to "do whatever". But I digress.

For some reason I got a bee in my bonnet about bringing a traditional king cake into work. I used this recipe, which made two cakes. The only thing I changed was to use vanilla Greek yogurt instead of sour cream because that is what I had. Worked fine.

I bought a package of little plastic babies at the party store and remembered to roll one up inside each cake.

Plastic baby

Whoever gets the piece of cake with the baby in it is the King or Queen.

I found the baby in the cake we kept at home:

Found the baby

The cake is REALLY good and I can see making an annual tradition out of it. It's basically an uncut cinnamon roll log baked as a ring. It did kind of take up the whole evening- mix the dough, let it rise, shape it, let it rise, bake it, let it cool, decorate it. But the end result was worth it.


Ellen Bloom said...

Your King Cake turned out beautifully! It looks very authentic! Tradition says that the person who gets the Baby in their piece of cake must make the King Cake next year!!

amy said...

Thank you! I'm not sure who found the baby in the work one- but I'll find out and be sure to let them know!

I don't know why but this is pretty much the only thing I've ever made that Dollar and I fought over who ate more and why only a small piece was left. Usually he finishes everything off and I don't mind but I was sneaking slices of this whenever I got a chance. Too dangerous to have in the house, I won't be making it again until next year ;P