[gardening] Sempervivium and sedum

Sedum spurium 'Tricolor' sprawling:

Sprawling succulent coming out of dormancy. Sedum spurium tricolor.

I added a few of these last year. Glad to see they wintered fine. Propagation sounds easy (as with practically all sedum I've read about)- break off a piece in the summer and stick it in the ground. Will try propagating several pieces.

Basic sempervivium, still winter red:

Sempervivium. Hens and chicks.

Will wait until this summer when the stem connecting the chick to the hen (stolon) withers before picking them all apart and putting them in new places.

These are the smallest hens and chicks that I have:

Tiny sempervivium. Hens and chicks.

The largest one in the picture is just smaller than a dime. These seems to propagate profusely, though. If I make a miniature garden in a container (which I would like to do this year), these would be great to add.

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