[gardening] First crocus bloom

So far so good:

First crocus bloom. Stinky deer repellant spray seems to keep the woodchuck away.

Looks like lovely dew on the flower but it's stinky deer repellent that seems to be keeping the woodchuck away. It smells like garlic and rotten eggs and butt. I made the mistake of standing downwind when I was spraying one area. 

Most of the snow is gone- the flower beds are reappearing and in dire need of tidying. I'm daydreaming of all the new perennials I want to add this year. 


Saren Johnson said...

Enjoy your spring. This winter has been brutal for you guys.

amy said...

Thank you. It's just nice to sit outside in the sun. We've got a bit of rain forecast for the next week, so that should at least keep me inside and prevent me from digging up the gardens- it's way too early but I'm impatient.