[crafts] Faux Succulent Garden

I finally put everything together for my faux succulent garden:

DIY faux #succulent garden. Pistachio shell succulents, misc rocks and bits of moss.

I used a sign that I purchased at the craft store. It had "Apple Orchard" printed on it with a big apple. I painted over it:

Faux succulent rock garden

Then I added the pistachio shell succulents that I made a few weeks ago:

Faux succulent rock garden

Then added rocks:

Faux succulent rock garden

And finally variety of mosses:

Faux succulent rock garden

Very pretty. Possibly good Feng Shui depending on where I have it. Kind of useless and takes up a lot of valuable table space, though. I figure when I'm sick of it, I'll take the rocks back out, toss the moss and shells and repurpose the sign into a bottlecap table.

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