[misc] Penny Friday

I had some new things delivered from Amazon and was able to add a new wing to the cardboard estate that the cat's have:

New wing added to cardboard castle. This room has a heated fur floor. Penny has claimed it and will not leave for anything.

One of the items delivered was a fur pad that reflects body heat, so it warms up when you lay on it. It fit perfectly into the new addition and Penny wouldn't get out for anything.

This week was a blur. I had Tuesday off work and then Wed/Thur we flew to NYC for a b-day party for Dollar's favorite bass player: Megadeth's Dave Ellefson. It was a free event but of course we spent so much on plane tickets and hotel and cabs and etc etc etc. It was all very nice and easy and relaxed. The flight from Burlington, VT to JFK was 45 minutes. It was all worth it in the end- Dollar got to have pictures and autographs and meet so many of his idols. Next time, though, we're going somewhere for me. Either a knitting or a cooking event of some sort. 

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