[vermont] Flowers and Deer Repellent

We're pretty high up on a hill and all of our plants seem to be weeks behind other people in the area. My hostas are only just started to flower:

Hosta flowers. So pretty!

I love hostas and their flowers so much. I know deer love these plans and I'm glad mine are planted so close to the house that they aren't being eaten. 

My orange day lilies have come and gone but my yellow ones out back are blooming now.

One of the few day lilies that the deer haven't eaten. Buying 12-pack Irish Spring soap as deterrent. #deer #repellent

I wondered why these are doing so well but the ones down in the front yard didn't do so well. I have a
whole line of them down along a rock wall. This is from July 6:

Day Lilies

And that's about it for blooms that I got- which never made sense because look at all those buds. I walked down for a closer look this past weekend and saw what happened. Something (DEER!!) chomped off nearly all of the unopened buds. AGGHH. I should have done this MONTHS ago, but I went out and bought Irish Spring soap and I dropped shavings all around the flower bed. My uncle swears by this and uses it around hostas to keep the deer away. My mom started putting shavings around her garden and she hasn't been bothered by deer or woodchucks at ALL this year. Apparently this soap smell is so strong or repulsive that it works as a deer repellent. 

My poor day lilies.

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