[knitting] Optim Fan Shawl

The shawl is DONE!

Fan Shawl

Awwww yyyeeeeaaahhhh. I love projects made with handspun yarn. Here's an old post of what the fiber looked like before and after I spun it.

Optim Fan Shawl

The pattern is Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl from Crystal Palace Yarns. I added an extra row of whole fans before doing the last row of half-fans because I was working with thinner yarn and smaller needles.

If someone asked me whether or not I'd do this pattern again, my answer would be "Oh hell no." I had 47 ends to sew in. Show me a modular fan shawl that is crocheted, with only 2 ends to sew in, and I'd try that. But this? 47 ends felt like 470 ends. 

Still... it's so pretty. It was worth it.

Optim Fan Shawl

Light as air. Super soft. Love love love.


Sava said...

The shawl looks amazing! I can't get over those beautiful colors.

Patricia said...