[misc] Penny Tuesday

Penny's favorite toy is Da Bird. It's just a thin 3-foot plastic pole with string and feathers at the end. This only comes out once in a great while and it's stored above the fridge the rest of the time. It's for supervised play only because Penny's proven herself to not be smart enough to not eat toys. 

Crazy eyes


Google Reader, which I use and love, is going away July 1. I've made the switch to Feedly and I like it. The only things I don't really like is that there is (minimal) advertising in the sidebar and new posts published don't immediately appear in the feed. I don't know if Feedly runs a script that only grabs new content every few hours but I've noticed that when I publish here, it takes a while to appear in Feedly. 

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gayle said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Feedly. I've been wondering what to do about Reader. (I started out on Bloglines, then went to Reader when Bloglines crapped out. I'm starting to sense a pattern...)