[misc] Magic Coasters

Dollar starting sorting through binders and boxes of old Magic the Gathering cards. He found a pamphlet that contained lots of nice artwork images. He marked off the ones he liked and I made some coasters for him:

Magic Coasters

Colorful and coordinating felt backs:

Felt backs

I like making coasters. I like it so much I think I might start an Etsy store with my sister and sell them. Soooooon...

Magic Coasters
"Buy my coasters!!!"


Natalie J said...

Those are fantastic! Do you put an extra coating on them to seal them? I have seen a ton of tutorials on making coasters but not all of them mention that and it makes me wonder if the images would peel off (because that would be a bummer).

amy said...

I spray the entire surface with Krylon "Matte Finish". The images are not going to peel off. My biggest concern is the felt bottoms peeling off- but that hasn't happened to any of the coasters yet.

Natalie J said...

Very cool. I'm sure I know people who would totally geek out over these dragons. Can't wait to see your shop. :)