[knitting] Guest Slippers #2

Here's the 2nd pair of guest slippers:


The rainbow yarn used for the soles is handspun that I made back in 2009. I could never find a decent use for it- it was so bulky and... rainbow-y.


It works well for these slippers. The bottoms are very plush and cushy. 


I should attach some felt numbers or something, to approximate sizes. These are more like a woman's size 9, whereas the first pair that I made are more like a woman's size 8. I should find some darker yarn and re-work the pattern to make larger sizes for men.

Although, I did just download this pattern:

I'll work the grey Tiger tanks for Dollar. Then I'll make US Sherman tank slippers for me in Army green. Then we can wear them while we play Memoir '44- Dollar usually plays Axis and I play Allies. 

I don't know, if we both have a pair of tank slippers and wear them at the same time, I'll want to shuffle around the house after him, going "Pew pew pew, I shoot you with my tanks, pew pew." Or, if he's not home, I'll just follow after the cats, going, "Pew pew, kitty, I shoot you dead with my feet. Die, Nazi, DIE!!!"

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