[crochet] Maester's Chain

Here's a project that I just finished and submitted for Team Iron Thone in Nerd Wars on Ravelry:

Maester's Chain

It's my take on a Maester's Chain. I crocheted over bone rings with 16 different fibers- a link representing various fibers that I've worked with in the past.

Maester's Chain

From top-most dark blue ring, following the links, the fibers are: merino wool, alpaca, acrylic, linen, cotton, metallic nylon, hemp, mohair, baby camel, bamboo, tencel, plastic, handspun yarn, cashmere, angora, brushed alpaca.

Not really the most trendy fashion accessory in the world but it will be fun adding to it over time with new fibers. Silk is notably missing (really, I can only think of working with silk a few times... and the yarns were always blends). I have qiviut in my yarn stash but I haven't used it yet and there was no way I was going to scalp some to add another ring. And there are always new fibers being introduced- soy, milk, tree pulp. And if I want to get specific with wool breeds, I can add rings for polwarth, wensleydale, corriedale, etc. 

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