[knitting] Mitered Cowl

I completed two projects for Team Catitude in the Ravellenic Games (that might not make much sense to anyone outside of Ravelry). Here's one- a mitered cowl:

Mitered cowl

The yarn is oooooooold (2009) handspun:


Redwood Forest

I only ended up using two skeins. I haven't knit anything with mitered squares before, so I just kind of made it up as I went along. Basically I cast on 24 stitches and made a mitered square. Then there are 12 stitches on any given side. Since I ended with one loop, I picked up 11 stitches on one side and cast on 12 new ones for 24 stitches. Finish that square and you have two, attached, hopefully "pointing" (i.e. decreased) in the same direction. Do one more and then you have a strip three squares wide. Turn the work, do it again in the other direction. Because this was all garter stitch, there's no right-side/wrong-side.

I really like how it turned out. I wanted to do mitered squares because I spun the yarn as a thick single with long lengths of color. The finished cowl is nice and roomy and plush.

I finished this project up Sunday morning (just crocheted the strip shut) and Penny wanted to model for me:


Dont' worry, Penny. I'm still going to make you a sweater. Soon. Soooooooon...

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gayle said...

Love that cowl! Your handspun was perfect for it.