[misc] To protect and serve... if you're registered.

Had a bit of a scare this morning. Saw a missed call from ADT when I got to work - the sensors that we have in the dining room were activated. I drove home, frantic, worried about what I'd see (burglars, broken windows, cats hurt or escaped, etc etc etc). Dollar was on the phone with state and local police, trying to figure out if they were there, etc.

No. They weren't there and they weren't coming. ADT made the call to local dispatch - no one from local police was on duty yet, so it went to state police. WHO DID NOT RESPOND AND SAID THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO RESPOND.

Because... Our home security system is not registered with the state. 

So. Yeah... Sorry. I was not aware that it even needed to BE registered with the state. ADT didn't tell me. Local police never mentioned it when I called them 12 months ago before installing the system, asking whether or not I needed a permit or something. 

Fine. Sorry it wasn't registered- but you can't even COME OUT AND SEE IF WE'RE BEING ROBBED OR MURDERED?!?!

I was livid. Yes, it was a false alarm- my cats did something to set it off. But this is the ONLY time that the alarm has gone off since it was installed. I need to know that HELP IS GOING TO COME WHEN THE ALARM GOES OFF.

I don't have that assurance. And that's a pretty horrible feeling.

Local police had no idea what happened- state police didn't inform them and I was snottily asked "Why would they? State police were on duty at the time- they didn't respond to the alarm. Why would they tell local police that?" Uh... maybe in case local police would actually want to drive to my house and CHECK IT OUT.

Anyway, after calling everyone I could and trying to find out who didn't do what, I filled out a form and now I'm registered. 

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