[crochet] Filet Crochet Curtain

Finally finished and blocked the filet crochet curtain and hung it in the bathroom:

Fliet Crochet Curtain

Pattern: Bernat Blocks Curtain (The pattern is free but you need to register with the site to view/download it.)

Yarn: Coats & Clark Royale Classic Crochet Thread, Size 10, Ecru colorway

Hook: 1.75 mm

Notes: As you can see, it's not quite wide enough. I'm not really bothered but someone on Ravelry made a nice suggestion that I might try: get some sheer fabric from Joann's and drap a narrow piece over the bar at either end. The should fill in the gaps.

I opted not to crochet loops across the top. Instead, I simply got ring clips (about $7 for a package 6) and a tension rod.

Fliet Crochet Curtain

I really do like how this turned out.

Fliet Crochet Curtain

And it's a vast improvement from what was there- a pillowcase clipped to the window locks with clothespins. For a year.


Natalie B. said...

We've had 2 pillows (yes full bed-sized pillows) in our basement windows to block out the sun. For over a year. Someday I'll take measurements and go order the shutters I want. :)

Patricia said...


Steph said...

Thank you so much for your very clear and close up photos. I was really struggling to understand the directions for these curtains on and just couldn't get it. Saw your close up picture, counted stitches and am on my way! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Friends, I love this curtain, but I can't find the pattern. Does anyone still have it?