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Santana and Penny, sharing a moment... before Santana inevitably lashes out to hit Penny. Sometimes they play- they chase each other up and down the hallway- but most of the time Santana hits Penny for getting too close.

Santana and Penny

Had a bit of a scare with Penny this past weekend. Friday afternoon I noticed my pajama bottoms were missing about 9 inches of drawstring. One drawstring was normal, the other side was missing NINE INCHES. I flipped out, because I know Penny chews on them. I called the vet and he said that you can’t x-ray for cloth/fabric- it won’t show up. Watch her for persistant vomiting and fever. If she poops, then everything will be okay. If you see the string sticking out of her butt, DON’T PULL IT. You don’t know what’s attached to the other end- simply cut it. Feed her the normal amount that she usually eats, just in smaller portions more frequently- to get things moving through her system.

So I was on crazy poop watch. I cleaned the litterboxes and just watched/followed her. Fed her. Watched for poop. I saw some in the litterbox later, uncovered. That’s her usual M.O. (poop, but don’t cover it). I saw no string in it so I figured it was just… poop that she would have pooped anyway before eating the string.

Saturday was watch-Penny, beg-her-to-poop day. All this time Dollar sees me worrying, asking Penny to poop, saying crazy stuff like, “You can poop anywhere, Penny. I won’t get mad. Just poop.”

Sunday morning I hear someone scraping around the litterbox and I see Santana and MF in bed with me. I run to the bathroom and see that Penny’s made lots of poops. No string.

I ponder this for a moment... and I think I might remember something. I get back into bed and shake Dollar awake. I say, “Um… I have a vague recollection of something… I think I cut off the drawstring myself. A long time ago. Because Penny was chewing it.” He just does FACE-PALM.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I cut it. Looking back, it was a pretty clean cut and didn’t look chewed off. Apparently I just want to make my own drama and worry. Penny’s fine and happy and eating and playing. And I’m feeling rather sheepish. And forgetful.

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Patricia said...

Glad Penny's ok - the rest of the story - LOL LOL