[knitting] Wingspan

Here's the yarn I'm using to knit a Wingspan scarf:

Wingspan yarn

The yarn is Mary Maxim Step It Up sock yarn. I wound it into a ball to check for knots. I hate knots, especially in yarns with long lengths of color because you know there's going to be a knot that ties together two drastically different colors. Well this yarn blows, I found three knots. 

Come on. Seriously. I've always thought and will always think that any yarn with any knot(s) in it should be a "second" and sold at a reduced price. That's one of the reasons that I live spinning my own yarn- NO KNOTS!


The Sewing Loft said...

Beautiful colors though. :)

gayle said...

I was so pleased with how my Wingspan was running with the colors of my yarn - then I hit a knot which threw the whole thing off. *sigh*
Do you have enough of your pretty yarn to fix the color sequence by spit-splicing to replace the areas where the knots mess it up?