[crochet] Pretty Petals Potholders

Taking a crochet-break from the filet crochet curtain of doom, I made some Pretty Petals Potholders:

Pretty Petals Potholders

Yarn: Plymouth Earth Oceanside Organic, 3 colors- off white, sage, taupe. Not sure if this yarn is discontinued or not- I bought it at White River Yarns a few years ago. I used 2 balls of each color.

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

Pretty Petals Potholder

This is an addictive pattern that really gobbles up yarn- great for stash busting.

My mods: I crocheted a little spiral to sew into the front. I wanted to cover up the big hole. I went around in a circle, increasing evenly, crocheting into the backs of the loops, to leave a spiral texture. Then I just crocheted the small circle into the center.

I made backs, to make the potholders extra thick:

Pretty Petals Potholders

I crocheted over some bone rights to make hangers:

Pretty Petals Potholders

These are great. Nice and thick:

Pretty Petals Potholders

The colors match my kitchen backsplash perfectly. I need to find a good place in the kitchen to hang these up and display them.

Now... back to the curtain...

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gayle said...

I'm glad you're displaying them - they're waaaaay to pretty to use...