[cooking] Rampapalooza

Monday afternoon I hiked up an old trail behind my house, hoping to find ramps that my neighbor told me about last year. I found it!



It wasn't a solid field of ramps, like I've seen in some pictures online, but patches here and there. I saw a patch... took a couple steps... saw another patch... took a few more steps... saw more ramps... 


It was actually much easier to pick this way- I could squat, dig, pop out the bulbs I wanted and move to the next patch without stepping on any plants. Because I'm taking the bulb, there is a danger of over-harvesting and preventing new growth, so if there was a root with 5 plants growing up, I would take 2 and move to the next.

These bulbs were very easy to pop out. I stripped the dirtiest exterior skin off, to reveal a pretty white bulb:


This made clean-up much easier when I got them all back to the kitchen. After much washing and cleaning, I had:



Some bulbs are quite large- nearly the size of a quarter in width- but most averaged dime-size in width. I'm giving most of these to friends and co-workers. If the weather's nice this weekend, I think I'll head back up the hill and pick a few more.

My plans for the ramps are:

Ramp butter with the greens
Ramp pesto with the greens
Pickled ramps with the bulbs
Flatbread with whole ramps


gayle said...

Is it possible to transplant the bulbs in your own yard? Seems like a mighty handy thing to have close by...

amy said...

I've heard that they can be finicky about where they take. I plan on collecting seeds when they all flower and scattering them around closer to my house in late summer/fall. It's good exercise, though, to hike my butt all the way up the hill to fetch these :)

boozyknits said...

Beautiful forage! I used to pick fiddleheads when I lived in Vermont, are those out yet?

amy said...

Fiddleheads are up but they're awfully small this year- I don't know if it's from the weird winter/spring that we had.