[spinning] Vineyard

I've been spinning quite a lot recently. I finally finished up 8oz of superwash merino from Sereknity that I started way back for the Tour de Fleece:


I spun it really thin on my Ashford Joy (in the pic w/MF yesterday)... I loooooooove the huge bobbins on this wheel. It can hold at least 50% more than one of my Kromski Minstrel bobbins (even w/the WooLee winder!).

The final yarn was navajo-plied:

Vineyard - Chain plied

I used this video as reference on how to navajo ply. I did one skein just the way she showed- holding the end of the loop back in my right hand, guiding the twist forward and back with my left hand. Well I wasn't doing something right, because I could barely bend my left thumb after I was done with one bobbin.

The next day, I sat at the wheel to do the 2nd skein. I set things up, made a loop and started chain-plying. Only, I was surprised to notice that I was holding the loop with my left hand and pinching/guiding the twist forward and back with my right hand. I wasn't even thinking about it- I had completely switched hands. I think this might be because when I'm spinning the singles, I'm drafting the fiber with the left hand and lightly pinching the twist with my right.

I wonder if the person plying in that video drafts with her right and pinches with her left. Also, maybe she's left-handed? I wonder if that has anything to do with anything.

Anyway, I felt 100% better doing it the way my body naturally wanted to do it. No hand or finger cramps after I was done. Also, n-plying does empty a bobbin fairly quickly, which is nice.

Vineyard - Chain plied


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Gorgeous chain ply job Amy!

gayle said...

I love that video, but I reverse the hands, too. Like you, I suspect her right hand is her fiber hand and her left is her orifice hand - the opposite of how I spin.
Your yarn is beautiful!