[misc] Murderface Monday

It really was a Murderface Monday this week. Sunday night I noticed that MF's right cheek was swollen. I showed Dollar but he couldn't see it. I said, "Well, let's give it a couple days. If it doesn't go down, I'll make an appointment at the vet's." Monday morning I Googled "cat swollen right cheek" and got all these hits about abscesses. After reading more, I was pretty sure this is what MF had.

Last Thursday or Friday, I arrived home just in time to interrupt a brawl between MF and the neighbor's orange cat, Gingerballs (that's what we call him). This cat his horrible. I love all animals but this cat needs to go on permanent retirement at a farm 1000 miles away. It's not his fault because I think he has a pretty crappy living situation, but this cat is horrible. He eats all of MF's catnip outside, takes a dump on our front lawn, and gets into fights with MF all the time. So when I got home, I picked up MF and the right side of his face was wet with saliva and there was a clump of fur sticking off. I wiped his face and thought nothing more of it.

So abscesses can form after a bite. The puncture closes quickly and bacteria gets trapped inside.

I tried to tamp down my omg-freak-out mode and calmly brought MF to the vet at noon. That's always a horrible trip because MF howls the entire way. During the exam, the vet confirmed that there were two abscesses up by his ear. Seeing my crazy eyes, the vet said that as long as I'm not squeamish, I can come in back and watch her and the technician drain the abscesses. I said, "Okay."

First they put MF down on the table and have him a sedative injection into the inside of his left leg. I know that Dollar is completely against giving animals sedatives. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I think you're either temporarily killing the animal or they wake up and are never the same again. I'm not sure but I didn't want them cutting into MF without a sedative and the drug they gave him didn't put him completely under, but is an opiate so I think it just... sedated him. When MF started to feel the effects, the vet squeezed some gel into his eyes so that they didn't dry out (I read that one side effect of the sedative is that the animals stop blinking).

They shaved in front of his ear a bit and used a small blade to cut open the abscesses. Then drained them. Then I puked all over the floor. Just kidding, but I did go, "UGHCH!" They wiped up the puss and with a large syringe, flushed out the abscesses with antiseptic- the large one twice, the smaller one once. There was some blood with made me feel worse.

It was hard to see MF all limp on the table while they did this, but they were efficient. They pinched MF's ear closed and covered his eyes with a towel to avoid getting the antiseptic in either.

They gave him an antibiotic shot into his right shoulder. The other antibiotic option was a two-week regimen of pills and, yeah, that wasn't happening. Single-shot all the way. They also gave him a rabies shot into his right hip (I think) since his last shot was more than 30 days ago.

And since MF was sedated, she chipped away some tartar from his back teeth. His gums bled a little, so more blood and more me feeling bad.

So... it was intense. And that was just 30 minutes at the vet. MF was still wicked groggy when they put him back into the carrier to bring him home. When I went to pay, it was more than $200. I was surprised but it was worth it to make him better. I just hope MF gets a job so that he can start paying me back.

At home, he just kind of... stood still and started at nothing. I held him. Dabbed at his still-weeping cuts. Tried to get him to lay down. It was just spooky- he was acting like zombie cat and I didn't like it.

Dollar came home a few hours later. MF was still in a stupor and it made Dollar really worried and upset. There's this fear that MF will be like this forever and won't return to being a sweet-yet-sassy lovable guy. I gave MF some treats- which be ate and purred, but he went back to his zombie state. Not sleeping, just staring.

I made a tuna noodle casserole for supper and brought MF into the spare bed in the craft room while I ate. I sat next to him and his eyes focused on my bowl and he started sniffing. I give him a piece of warm tuna and he ate it. He started purring and rubbing his head against my knee. I gave him a few more pieces and he FINALLY closed his eyes to sleep. It was probably 7:30 pm before he got up and walked around (7 hours of being in a drugged-out stupor). He wanted supper and to go outside. I gave him food but didn't let him out. He was Mr. Purry-pants all night and sleep with/on me. I think he loves me even more for never leaving him (at the vet and at home).

This morning:

MF, post abscess

You can see the puncture there. The hole did weep a couple times last night but it seems to have scabbed over for good. I hope everything heals properly.

MF, post abscess

You can see a chunk of his fur is missing below his right ear and it looks like the vet clipped the tip of his long white eyebrow whisker.

I think MF is going to sleep well today.


Sara said...

Oh, I hope Murderface is better tonight. That happened to Killian and they said it came from a bite - but, he was indoors and had not been in any cat fight.

He acted the same as Murderface that first day...but, then he was back to his old self.

I'm Murderface will be back to normal...and his loving self...

gayle said...

Poor little guy. He'll be back to feeling like himself soon, I'm sure.