[knitting] Baby Hats for APD, or I swear I'm not as lazy as this makes me look.

We got a total of 69 hats knit for newborns at Alice Peck Day Hospital:

Baby Hats for APD

Amazingly, > 85% of the hats were knit by two rather tenacious women. The least tenacious of the group?

Uh... Me. Here's my contribution:

My one hat for APD

One hat. Which is 50% worse than I did last year. I'm just glad people stepped up and knit so many. I did bring some of my handspun to give out to the people who knit the most.

Why am I so bad I can't even knit more than one baby hat in a whole month? Well, I was working on that brown shawl. Which is done! Just need to wash and block but it's soooooooo soft and squishy. It's a keeper for me.

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gayle said...

What a wonderful stack of hats! And it's very generous of you to share your handspun - that's gotta be hard to give up...
Pictures of the shawl soon?