[knitting] Handspun Cowl

This past weekend I blocked out the Multnomah and immediately started the green shawl. I knit knit knit knit on the shawl and then threw it aside. I needed some immediate gratification and stared at my clear bag of handspun yarns. I grabbed a brown skein of yarn and started a simple cowl. A few hours later:

Handspun Cowl

This is from roving that I hated to spin. The final yarn was uneven and I felt "meh" towards it.

But the cowl? Smitten. Love. Adore. It is soft and I really like the nubbly, uneven texture of the final fabric. It looks very homemade.

Handspun Cowl

I had to stop myself early because I wanted to use it all up but the cowl was getting quite long.

Handspun Cowl

But... back to the shawl...

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Sara said...

That looks very nice...I like the color...