[misc] Murderface Monday

It was another beautiful weekend here. Murderface likes to roll around on a freshly cut lawn:

Muderface Outside

Muderface Outside

I had a nice catnip plant outside, up off the ground so MF wouldn't wreck it. I would tear off a leaf or two to give to him. I went outside Saturday morning and it was wrecked. I blame the neighbor's cat. I put the pot on the ground and let MF have the remains. Which I felt bad about because the plant was for him.

Muderface Outside

Muderface Outside

When MF is outside, likes to lay in and along the cedar trees we have lining the edge of our yard.

Muderface Outside

What a handsome kitty :)


gayle said...

He is a handsome fellow.
It's early in the season yet. You could get some more seed and plant lots of catnip. Enough to make the whole neighborhood happy! 8)

Sara said...

He is so precious and such a handsome boy!

Sorry to hear his catnip got nipped by someone else...